Learning for a more just
and sustainable world

As knowledge and technologies advance, debates around rights and ethics will increase as will the choices about how new technologies are used. Will they improve the people’s lives and whether people in all parts of the world benefit? What impact do developing technologies have on people and the environment?

The technologies needed to feed the world and ensure everyone has access to basic services for a reasonable quality of life largely already exist. It is how these technologies, or the right to access them, are distributed that needs to change.

Where does your mobile phone, tablet or laptop come from? The devices we use in our daily lives have complex global supply changes, minerals required to power the technology can be a source of conflict in countries such as Democratic Republic of Congo while there have also been concerns about the rights of workers producing the devices. Yet mobile technology has also provided innovative solutions to many living in sub-Saharan Africa, through mobile bankingfor example.

A Global Citizenship approach supports an ethical and sustainable exploration of technology and how it connects us locally and globally in surprising ways.

Technologies resources

Footprint Futures supports pupils to develop an understanding of the wider impact  of everyday choices and actions, and discover how local actions are linked to global impacts. Topics include transport, energy, food and stuff.

Practical Action provides resources for teaching technology set in a global context. They also have excellent STEM challenges based on real life problems. 

Ingenious Africa Appropriate Technology is a set of images to inspire your pupils showing ingenious technologies from around the world.  Technology designed to be sensitive to the environmental, social and economic aspects of the community it is intended for.

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